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6 thoughts on “UK Referendum.

  1. The UK left the EU to try and teach the EU a very important lesson. Power and money are the only rules that the EU play by. People, and people’s rights matter, and if the UK has to suffer because of trying to teach
    the EU this lesson, then so be it. We cannot see what lies further down the line, but we are not afraid. We are more afraid of being ruled by a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats who have chained Greece into life-long penury. Living in soup kitchens was stamped out years ago, but sadly, not only in Greece, but also here in the UK, newer soup kitchens and food banks are on the rise. Give man and woman their dignity back I say. Sadly, I fear, Mr Varoufakis may have got it right when he said ‘it is like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime, but you can’t leave.’ That is, the EU that he is referring to. As Winston Churchill said ‘give us the tools and we will do the job.’ Lots of love to you and Roger.



    • Dearest Sue, so nice to hear from you. How are you and Michael?
      I do feel that the ones who voted for the Brexit are the ones who in the long term are going to be negatively impacted by it.
      The UK does import a lot of goods. That is crucial and makes the prosperity of the country an even harder goal.
      We are in Brussels at the moment, I have had lots of difficulties and health problems this year but I am still alive.
      One can only hope for the best.
      Lots of love, ION


  2. Dear Ion, I forget to refer to you as Ion because Yanni always springs to my mind. Forgive me. It is so good to hear from you and to know that both you, and Roger, are keeping fairly ok and are getting a break in Brussels.

    I, too, have had a year full of difficulties and health problems. Unfortunately, our NHS is not even operating on a basic level, I have had to have recourse to go private to get an appointment with a dentist. I think that this may be the order of the day in future. But what happens when the money runs out, as you say we can only hope for the best.

    As for the state of the UK, well, you have probably read about the mess that surrounds ‘Brexit.’ The propaganda that is emanating from just about every newspaper is very confusing to say the least and goodness knows what is going on at Whitehall.

    Mike, and myself, both voted to remain within the EU because of the repercussions of trying to disentangle ourselves from all of the EU bureaucracy. Plus, I fear that we have gone too far within the EU to escape unscathed, trading etc. I do sincerely have sympathy with the ‘Brexiteers’ though because I did think of voting out myself. The UK is an island nation, and we do not feel the same bond with Europe as if we were actually adjoined. That said, there is Cyprus which is an island country who also belongs to the EU.

    I know that there is great dissatisfaction within certain EU countries about how the regulations of the EU affect them personally. Other referendums may ensue, time will tell. I suppose you could call the UK a prototype, because no other country, apart from Greenland, has ever left the EU. However, Greenland belongs to Denmark which is also an EU member state. With no mandate, no clear cut rules, either from the UK, or the EU, this ‘divorce’ as it is referred to, may not go smoothly. I would go as far as to say that the UK will never leave the EU, but what happens in the in between period could prove to be quite damaging to us. The UK is in no man’s land right now. It feels like the asylum has been left in the hands of the lunatics, if you will pardon the expression. We will all have to wait and see. But I will keep you posted on the ‘Brexit’ front.

    Lots of love from Mike and myself.

    P,S. Mike is keeping quite well which is a blessing and I do love your photographs on the site, you are quite talented Ion.


    • Health is very important Sue. Everything else comes after that. Name’s Ion-Ioannis(Yanni) so all is correct. Roger’s slightly ill today, thankfully I managed to drop a few antibiotics in my bag before living Greece. He is incapable of taking care of himself or anyone else, you know. He doesn’t have the gene.
      Too tired lately with health and all, I could finally use some good luck, afterall I am 44yo 🙂
      Love you all as always, ION


      • Dear Yanni, I hope that you are feeling somewhat better with your health, I know how debilitating it is when you do not feel up to par. I am struggling with energy levels at present and am not being able to keep up with what I should be doing.

        Glad to hear that your trip to Brussels went fairly well, Roger rang me on Monday evening and told me that he had developed a bad cold whilst on holiday. However, he said that he enjoyed the break in Brussels. I know that Roger is always on the go with conducting The Athens Singers and various other projects. He is always pretty busy, but I have pointed out to him that he will have to slow down at some point. I think that Roger will always put his activities above his health Yanni, it is not always in his best interests, I know, but you know Roger, as I know Roger.

        I have read some of your blogs Yanni and you have a real talent for putting down your thoughts. I think that you would have made, or possibly make, a good author, and I totally agree with a lot of your comments. Perhaps we are ‘kindred spirits’ in that area because I sit and think a lot about how the world is changing. Not many people take the time out to observe, and to comment upon all of the changes that are going on around the world. In fact, that is one of the major factors as to why nothing is changing in the right direction.

        Some of us appear to remain in the background, we are talented, but we just cannot push through this invisible line to appear on the real stage of life. I just wish that it would happen for you Yanni because you are talented in so many different areas. However, you have had some successes with your photography exhibitions. It is important to maintain contact with influential people whom you come across in these fields.

        Nothing much is happening about ‘Brexit’ over here in the UK, at least not what is visible to the man in the street. When anything goes quiet, then we all worry. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has commented about not releasing Article 50 until 2019. Considering that it takes two years for the formal process of leaving the EU, then that leaves us going into 2021 before we are actually independent of the EU.Personally speaking, plus a lot of the British public, actually think that the UK will never leave the European Union. However, there is a lot of unrest within Euro Zone countries and we do not know how the results of that will manifest itself. It is a game of wait and see, but here in the UK there are a lot of mixed feelings. We all want what is best for Britain.

        Anyway, life will certainly go on in whatever direction that the government plans for us. However, we must go on in whatever direction, we either choose for ourselves, or whichever direction we are pushed towards. I am trying to build up a closer relationship with nature, animals, plant life etc. I hope that you are enjoying the company of Renna and Tony, cats can be very interesting companions, and sometimes a lot more understanding than humans!

        Love to you

        From Sue.

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  3. Dear Yanni, it is a while since I have last contacted you, so here I am sitting at the computer at in the morning. You could say that it is an early morning call. I hope that you are keeping well and still spending some of your time contemplating about your life, and what is going on in the world. I tend to do this more from midnight onwards instead of sleeping! When you look at it, there is so much to think about, that if you dare to spend even a couple of hours asleep you have wasted valuable worrying time. Just my way of thinking of things now. Well, Christmas is almost upon us and I am in no way ready for it, I just hope that it will knock lightly at my door and pass on to the next one. Health issues still loom large despite my chasing up the doctors, in fact, the NHS in the United Kingdom is collapsing right before our eyes. To other countries, it will not appear so because our government is well versed in hiding bad news. Brexit, or non Brexit, appears to hang in the balance, it is a bit like doing the Hokey Cokey, ‘in out, in out, you shake it all about etc.’ I don’t know what will happen at the end of the day, but a lot of changes are taking place globally and one can only hope that some good will come out of something, or from somewhere. I keep on thinking about a line from a film that I watched earlier on yesterday, especially these two words ‘fortress of solitude.’ I just wonder how many of us take the time to visit our own private fortress of solitude? In fact, if a lot of people were honest they would own up to dwelling in a fortress of solitude. I have to say though, that even the most unpopular leaders in the news have to have some good in them and also in the policies that they propose. Who knows, once given a chance their policies may just turn the world around. Well, I will finish right here for now and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs as I am starting to feel very tired now.

    Lots of love



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